Friday, December 11, 2015

Events and Disasters, Business - Communications

In the event of a disaster or emergency situation, different protocols and services must be enacted in order to assist with the situation. While there are always different variables in play, establishing an Internet connection is very important. However, simply connecting to a DSL or cable modem is generally not a realistic option, which is exactly why fixed satellite Internet is so important. From enterprises users to first responders, the use of satellite Internet is a necessary service in establishing an essential communications connection.

Communication Across Region
In the event of a large natural disaster, cell phone towers and other equipment is knocked out. Do tho this, when setting up different aid stations, pulling out a cell phone to contact other stations is not always possible. Plus, even if the cell phone towers are up and running, the number of people using their cell phones at once is much higher than normally, which can overwhelm the towers. To make sure a mode of contact is available, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is established through a satellite Internet connection. This way, communication is open and available at all times, without any sort of disruption from an overwhelmed cell phone tower network.

Check In Locations
In the event of a natural disaster, it is necessary for individuals in the affected area to check in at an established station. This helps account for residents who might be considered missing. Due to the overall lack of communication, it is not always possible for people to communicate with one another and to let family and friends know they are alright. With a satellite Internet enabled communication center, when one person checks into an individual station, all of the stations receive this check-in information. This way, should a family member enquire about whether someone is safe or not, the stations are able to address the question.

Business Services
 Some businesses are able to assist with a natural disaster, such as selling food, water or other products. With the local network likely down during such a time, outside of accepting cash, the business does need to have an alternative method for accepting payments. A mobile satellite Internet connection allows for this as it makes it possible to accept credit card payments. Processing time often is a hair slower with satellite Internet instead of a cable or fiber optics connection, but when it is the only Internet service method available, it does the job without much of a problem.

Internet connections are extremely important in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. However, there are some times where it simply is not possible to utilize the local cell and data network. Should this prove to not be an option, response teams and organizations can use a satellite Internet connection. This allows for a VoIP communication method between assistance stations and it also allows for continued business and resource help thanks to the satellite Internet. All of this makes for an extremely helpful service.

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